Wednesday, February 24, 2010

U-Bora Towers steel truss lifting pictures,Business Bay,Dubai,22/February/2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

U-Bora Towers 280 tonnes steel truss lifting pictures,Business Bay,Dubai, 22/February/2010

Ubora Towers 280 tonnes steel truss lifting photos,Business Bay,Dubai, 22/February/2010

Informations and details from the developer( Bando Construction and Engineering,Korea):

"U-Bora Towers is a 2 Million Sqft mixed use development Business Bay. It started in August 2006 and is anticipated completion is to finish end of this year. It is developed and built by Bando Construction and Engineering of South Korea. It was designed by Aedas, the same designer as the famous mono-rail stations in Dubai.

The residential build has only 4 floors remaining to complete. Today we installed a bridge as the lower part of the building has no floors below it. The cladding of the residential tower will start in 2 months, the commercial tower has already 50% cladding

Today we installed the bridge between core 1 and 2 of the residential building. On floor 14, the two sides of the building meet. To do this a steel frame was constructed on-site, and then lifted into position using

We used Techno Steel as Steel Works Sub-contractor who manufactured the steel truss, VSL was used to jack the frame into position.

Quick Facts

2000 Steel Pieces

20,000 Steel Bolts

280 Tonnes = Same as an Emirates A380

Total Size 40Mlong, 8M width and 4M depth

Largest steel bridge on a residential building in UAE.

Time taken in total to Raise 60M, = 3 Hours.

Total Cost of Works, approximately $1M USD"
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